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We offer certified translations that are accurate and reliable

We offer certified translations that are accurate and reliable. Our multicultural team of translators understands your language and culture, and we are certified members of prestigious organizations such as ATIO, STIBC, and CTTIC. We offer same-day service so you can get the information you need when you need it. Choose from one of the provided languages below to get started.

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Our services to our private customers include but are not limited to certified translation of legal documents and certificates such as driver’s licenses, birth certificates, passports, marriage and divorce certificates, educational and academic credentials, judicial documents and orders, immigration and refugee application materials, police clearance certificates, business licenses, property deeds, ownership documents, lease and sale agreements, Basis of Claims, military service and identification cards, employment records and resumes, insurance policies, bank statements, academic letters of intent, business plans and proposals, and vaccination cards.
Businesses and organizations
We translate pamphlets, user manuals, technical and business-oriented books and booklets, online resources, and advertisement materials. We also offer consecutive and simultaneous translations for conferences and meetings throughout Canada.


Decades of enjoying the intricacies of translation have taught us to think of each job as having a contextual spirit alongside its textual importance. In that sense, we agree with John Ellington, a veteran translation consultant, who emphasizes that a word or expression simply may not be translated in exactly the same way every time it occurs, even in the same setting. In other words, it is the context that decides what an expression means-even in legal settings where polysemy and ambiguity are considered or pretended to sin. That has helped us to handle the use of Persian terms and sentences in the account of Canadian society. Adopting a contextual approach to translation, we have been working diligently to make the Canadian end user more familiar with the larger conceptual system of the people who speak Persian. That has resulted in smooth translations which are as communicative as they are literal which much less meaning lost compared to the more mechanical versions

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